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Thermal protection refers to a device installed inside the motor or electric compressor to prevent overheating from causing serious faults. Thermal protectors are widely used in water pumps because they are classified as high-power machinery. In short, the most effective way to avoid overheating of the water pump is to install a thermal protector. This is a one-time investment, which may save you unnecessary maintenance costs.

How Thermal Protectors Help Improve Pump Performance

Because the pumps are high-power machines, their motors are easy to overheat, which paralyzes their operation. Problems such as mechanical failure, winding imbalance and overload will eventually damage the pump.

Thermal protectors may be all the solutions you need. Here's how these devices can help you

The dry burning problem is avoided, and the service life of the water pump is prolonged

In order to make the water pump work efficiently, especially in the drilling, there must be enough water to pump. When the required water pressure is met, the motor of the pump is cooled. However, the water level sometimes drops, causing the pump to start sucking air. This is called dry burn, which can damage the pump or cause complete damage. One of the main symptoms of dry burning is overheating. This will also greatly shorten the service life of the pump. The thermal protector is characterized by one or more thermal sensor elements connected to the motor. It will turn off the motor at the beginning of heating, saving your pipes. This is a good way to keep your pipeline safe.
thermal protector
Save time and maintenance costs

The service life of thermal overload protection water pump is much longer than that of water pump without thermal protector. We all know how difficult and expensive it is to replace a water pump. This is not only inconvenient, but also costly. High quality thermal protectors like ST07 can help you avoid all these problems. It controls the damage of the temperature level by turning off the motor. This is an automatic system without any problems.

Working principle of water pump thermal protector

The working principle of the thermal protector is quite simple. Let's take ST07 as an example. The core material of the device is copper nickel alloy bimetallic. It applies basic high school physics in operation. As long as the temperature is lower than the operating limit, the bimetallic disc will remain intact and the circuit is completed. But if the temperature reaches the maximum operating temperature, it will bend and deform, cutting off the circuit. This prevents the motor from overheating. When the temperature drops to the best, the bimetal will automatically reset and reconnect the circuit. In this way, the pump can maintain efficient and safe operation.
Why choose ST07 thermal protector to install in the water pump
It is very important to select high-quality and durable heat protection units. The star model ST07 from Safetty is all of this, and not only that. This is a brand known for providing incredible pump protection solutions. It promises the following benefits:

Separate temperature check

The effectiveness of water pump thermal protector depends on its working principle. In this case, ST07 performs better than other brands because it can detect a single temperature. This means it can find problems faster before they become big problems. They are extremely sensitive to temperature, and their responses to temperature changes are extremely accurate.

Top raw materials

When the temperature changes too frequently, the poor thermal protector is easy to break. ST07 is designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and service life. This gadget has been used for so long that you can forget to repair and maintain it.

Recoverable temperature performance

Thermal protectors provide long cycle repeatable temperature performance. This means that you can use it many times to adjust the temperature problem, and it will still perform effectively. Some thermal protectors have only one use, which will mark the end of them.

Sealing steel

The gasket steel housing on this equipment makes it more suitable for the impregnation process. What you are seeing is the best performance thermal protector on the market.

Selection of various leads and insulating sleeves

It is no accident that ST07 is the most durable heat protection sleeve on the market. The lead wire and insulating sleeve of different parts make it have a long service life and ensure first-class protection for your water pump.

The company specializes in the production of: temperature switch, thermal protector, temperature sensor, temperature controller series products.Products are exported to all over the world, widely used in rechargeable batteries, household appliances, motors, transformers, lighting lamps, electric heating appliances over current and over temperature safety protection.All products produced and sold have passed China (CQC), the United States (UL), the European Union (TUV) and other safety specifications certification, products have passed RoHS, REACH environmental protection testing and obtained relevant certificates.
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