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Ryan N. Lopez  
#1 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2022 7:24:48 AM(UTC)
Ryan N. Lopez

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Hu Nanjian was slightly stupefied He smiled and said "Why are you so serious" Did Grandpa do something wrong to make you angry Did that kid tell on you It really doesn't matter about Grandpa I've tried my best to protect him in the martial arts But this is what everyone means It's no use for me to oppose it alone Besides I've tried my best to fight for him "I'm not talking about that" Hu Ke said "I want to ask when my parents died in a car accident was it a real traffic accident" "Why did you suddenly remember to ask that" Hu Nanjian looked stunned for a moment and said Grandpa don't worry about it Just answer me Is it a real traffic accident Hu Ke asked After a moment's silence Hu Nanjian sighed slightly and said "There are indeed a lot of doubts about the traffic accident but I haven't found out what Health & Medical happened until now I won't tell you this I just don't want you to think too much" Why do you suddenly ask these questions Where are you now "Grandpa do you know if I have a sister" Hu Ke did not answer Hu Nanjian's words and continued to ask With a deep sigh Hu Nanjian said "When the accident happened your mother was indeed pregnant I don't know whether she was a man or a woman"

Why do you suddenly ask these questions Did someone say something to you Keer girl I know I shouldn't hide this from you but the past has passed so many years I have been investigating but there is no clue I do not want you to have any danger do you understand what Grandpa means ~ Novel Txt Tang Chapter 1704 get together 7 At that time Hu Ke was still young Hu Nanjian did not want her to be too sad and did not want her to know too many things (After all Hu Ke's parents died in a strange way and there may be some conspiracy in it Hu Nanjian was also out of the mentality of protecting her so he didn't tell her too much) Later Hu Ke grew up but this matter has passed for so long Hu Ke also came out of that kind of pain Hu Nanjian did not want to cause her sad things again What's more he investigated for so many years but also has no clue do not know how his son and daughter-in-law died in the end tell Hu Ke is only to add trouble to her so Hu Nanjian has been hiding down Although he knew that his daughter-in-law had been pregnant he would never have thought that she had not died in the car accident and that there was still a daughter left Therefore he had no reason to tell Hu Ke which only increased her sadness After listening to Hu Nanjian's words Hu Ke took a deep breath nodded slightly and said "I understand Grandpa"

All right Grandpa I won't talk to you I have something to do Take care of yourself I'll go back to see you when I have time With that Hu Ke hung up the phone Hu Nanjian was slightly stupefied Hearing the voice of "toot toot" coming from the phone he frowned slightly and murmured "What's wrong with this girl Why did you suddenly ask me about this China Suppliers Although the heart is puzzled but Hu Nanjian is in any case will not think that he actually has a granddaughter Back in the living room Ye Qian took one look at Hu Ke and asked "How is it going" What did your grandfather say "As you expected Grandpa didn't want me to be too sad so he didn't tell me the truth" Hu Ke said "can you still contact the man named Zhou Yu now" Now he is the only one who knows who hurt my mother I must ask clearly I can't let my parents die for no reason Shaking his head slightly Ye Qian said "I don't have his contact information so I can't find him" Besides this time he had the heart to die and unless he avenged himself he was afraid that he would never see him again Why didn't you ask Why don't you ask him who he's going to Don't ask who hurt my parents Hu Ke said sullenly

With a wry smile Ye Qian said "I asked but he didn't say anything I can't help it I can't put a knife to his neck can I" Besides a man like him wouldn't say anything if I put a knife to his neck In fact he did not speak out because he was afraid that Bai Yushuang would take revenge and hurt himself He also had his reasons Don't worry Zhou Yu's kung fu is good it won't be so easy to have an accident Besides he promised me that he would run away if he really couldn't Things to now there is no other way Hu Ke also know that this matter can not blame Ye Qian but suddenly heard such news her heart can not be Gifts & Crafts calm Glancing at Ye Qian Hu Ke said "I'm sorry my tone was a little heavy just now" With a faint smile Ye Qian said "We are an old married couple Why are you so polite to me" Keer you can rest assured that as long as those people are still alive I will be able to find out Your parents' enmity is also my enmity I will not sit idly by I will find a way do you know I don't want you involved It's dangerous you know what I mean

With a slight nod Hu Ke said "I understand" You're not the kind of person who wants power and we all know that everything you do is for us After a pause Hu Ke changed the subject and said "You call Bai Yushuang Why hasn't she arrived yet" Is there something wrong "Don't worry too much It may be on the way Don't be in such a hurry Sit down and wait for a while" Ye Qian comforted As he spoke there was a sharp knock on the door outside Ye Qian smiled and said "Maybe she's here" As he spoke Ye Qian stood up and walked toward the door Hu Ke also hurriedly followed To the door open the door see Bai Yushuang a face anxious appearance there are scars on the body all of a sudden rushed into the arms of Ye Qian Ye Qian was shocked and asked hurriedly "What's wrong" What happened 。 trade-global.com
#2 Posted : Tuesday, August 16, 2022 6:47:56 AM(UTC)

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#3 Posted : Monday, December 04, 2023 10:15:10 AM(UTC)

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