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#1 Posted : Friday, September 16, 2022 3:47:41 PM(UTC)

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PA nylon material is a popular plastic material among general engineering plastics, with a variety of varieties. The mainstream materials are mainly nylon PA6 and PA66, which are subdivided into many types, such as toughened nylon, flame retardant nylon, anti-static nylon, and fiber reinforced nylon. Now there are often many emergencies in the injection molding industry, and it is not comprehensive to rely solely on data at this time, Therefore, some people will combine the physical performance of the product: what is the effect of smashing, what is the effect of bending hard, and even what is the situation after using heavy machinery to roll. They will even compare a product they are using with other products to roughly understand the performance of other products. Today, what we want to talk about is toughened nylon: the difference and relationship between super toughened and toughened nylon pa6.
There is a part of public psychology about this problem. For example, when encountering the performance problem of toughness, after many times of searching, they often continue to search for new manufacturers. When encountering multiple choices, they will consider selecting materials with better toughness for testing, and then consider reducing costs after overcoming this difficulty. However, the comparison we made here is based on the same manufacturer and the same material, which is very important. On the contrary, it is worthless to use super tough and toughened nylon 6 from different manufacturers. Why?
As far as the definition of material is concerned, super tough nylon is a kind of nylon with strong impact resistance. It is characterized by that its impact strength is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary nylon under dry or low temperature conditions, while retaining the characteristics of nylon. Usually, nylon 6 or nylon 66 is used as the base material, and graft copolymerization is used to form a branched polymer. Toughened nylon is also known as impact resistant nylon. Experiments show that the toughened nylon can still maintain excellent physical properties at low temperatures. The flexibility, impact resistance and low temperature resistance of the composite are increased by adding toughening agent polymers with different structures. Although the strength, rigidity and heat resistance are lower than those of the parent nylon, the impact strength can be increased by more than 10 times, and the modified toughened nylon has excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability. The modified toughened nylon can resist radiation and ultraviolet rays, and has excellent dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength.
The materials produced by each factory are different solutions based on different product requirements. When facing the same product, each manufacturer has little chance to adopt the same solution. There is no standard to compare the super toughened and toughened nylon pa6 with different solutions. There is no more intuitive difference except the comparison of test data. Super tough nylon pa6 and toughened nylon pa6 are very similar materials. Super tough means that this material has better toughness than toughened nylon pa6. The raw materials used for the two are almost the same, but there are some adjustments in the addition ratio of toughening agent. The difference in toughness can be clearly reflected in the product test data.
Speaking of this, why not take the difference between the detection data directly? Because the data of various testing items are related to each other, adding a certain additive will change one or several data items. The result is that some data of this material is higher than that of the other when the two are compared, and other data will be lower than that of the other, resulting in results that cannot be directly compared. Now, do you feel headache?
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