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Since then, players have been eagerly exploring the game's island setting, leveling up, and crafting better gear. The game's official release date is November 14. New World places a strong emphasis on its crafting mechanics, and players should expect to spend a significant amount of time learning and mastering the various Trade Skills.

There are a total of 17, which are divided into three categories. Each of the five Gathering Skills represents one of the many different ways in which players can harvest raw materials from the natural environment. Following that, players can use the five Refining Skills to turn those raw materials into usable resources. Finally, the seven Crafting Skills allow players to transform refined materials into a wide variety of different equipment and items through the use of their imagination and buy New World gold.

Developing Gathering Techniques in the New World
- The five Gathering Skills are the Trade Skills that players will most likely use the most in New World, and they are the ones that will be most useful to them

- This is due to the fact that resources are dispersed throughout the island of Aeternum, allowing players to constantly be gathering new materials whether they are questing, participating in PvP, or simply exploring

- Gathering Skills, like all other Skills in New World, gain experience points simply by being used, so the more a player gathers, the faster they will level up:

Mineral extraction from New World's mining deposits and metal veins allows players to recover metal ores and other precious materials, which they can then use to craft items.

Players can track and skin animals in the wilderness, and collect hides from their corpses, allowing them to become more resourceful.

Fishing: Fishing allows players to catch both fresh and saltwater fish, which can be used in cooking and other recipes.

Players can identify and chop down trees for wood, which is a versatile crafting material that can be used in a variety of ways.

The ability to harvest herbs and other plants for use in potions and other crafting recipes is available to players.

Developing Competencies in a New World

Following the collection of raw materials in New World, players will need to refine those materials using the Refining Skills to make them usable. For the second time, Refining Skills gain experience points simply by being used, with higher-tier recipes providing significantly more experience points. The Game Rant guide to New World's Refining Skills contains detailed information on the quickest way to level up in New World.

Smelting: Smelting allows players to convert raw metal ore into usable ingots for use in other games.

Stonecutting is a skill that allows players to create stone blocks for use in construction as well as cut gemstones.

Player's leatherworking skills allow them to treat hides and turn them into leather, which is a crucial ingredient in many armor recipes.

Weaving: This skill allows players to turn raw plant fibers into cloth, which is an important step in the production of clothing.

Woodworking is a skill that allows players to transform raw wood into lumber, which is commonly used in the construction of weapons, structures, and engineering projects. For companies and player organizations in the New World, woodworking is an absolute necessity.

Crafting Techniques in the New World

The Crafting Skills are the final set of Trade Skills available in New World, and they represent the final stage of the manufacturing process. Similarly to the Gathering and Refining Skills, the Crafting Skills in New World are leveled up through use, so players should make the most of their crafting opportunities:

Characters can craft melee weapons and honing stones to improve their abilities through the use of weaponsmithing.

Armoring and clothing: This feature allows players to create armor and clothing, which can range from metal plate-mail to a simple cloth robe.

Engineering: This skill enables players to create ranged weapons such as bows and muskets, as well as the ammunition required to use them, in addition to other items. Because of this, New World's Engineering is critical for players who want to concentrate on ranged combat.

Jewelcrafting allows players to create powerful trinkets out of gemstones that have been cut.

Arcana: This skill allows players to create magical weapons such as staves as well as consumables such as potion and tincture.

Cooking allows players to transform organic materials into edibles, drinks, and dyes that can be used in other games.

Furnishing: This feature allows players to create furniture, trophies, and storage chests for use in their player-owned residence.
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